FIRST WE CHECK WHETHER IT MEETS BASIC CRITERIA Not every machine can become an I-H&S second-hand machine. We first check whether the key data are suitable. If the machine does not pass our tests, it will not be purchased and overhauled by us. This assures our customers that they will be buying a solid piece … Continued


DISMANTLED TO THE BARE BONES Every second-hand machine is expertly taken apart and dismantled by I-H&S on-site with the machine seller. The following points are key during dismantling: BENEFITS FOR BUYERS FROM DISMANTLING Dismantling is performed by a well-trained technician who has all the necessary knowledge No damage during transportation. We have suitable transport straps … Continued


A DEEP CLEAN When repairing a used TRUMPF machine, cleaning not only serves to decontaminate individual machine parts; it represents a key step that must be performed in order for the individual machine components to be inspected. Only once clean can a component be properly appraised to ascertain whether it should be put back into … Continued


TECHNICAL PREPARATION USING A TRUMPF-APPROVED CHECKLIST At I-H&S, all used TRUMPF machines are reworked and restored using a TRUMPF-certified checklist covering 300 aspects. “Maintenance with seal of approval” can only be performed by a TRUMPF-certified partner such as I-H&S. BACK AT THE CUTTING EDGE After dismantling and cleaning, your second-hand TRUMPF machine will be a … Continued


LIKE BRAND NEW – EVEN THE PAINT JOB With I-H&S, your “new” machine will not only look brand new: everything underneath the beautiful surface will also be in order. After dismantling and machine cleaning, all visible parts will be processed using a sanding machine and then professionally painted by hand with a brush and roller … Continued


ENSURING A “NEW” SECOND-HAND MACHINE DOES WHAT IT PROMISES Are you planning to acquire a “new” second-hand TRUMPF machine? But you are not sure whether the parameters required can be met? Not a problem. At I-H&S, you will receive test logs that comply with TRUMPF’s own defined parameters to provide you with documented quality and … Continued