The highly-developed punching technology used in TRUMPF punching machines enables you perform efficient and high-quality punching/nibbling processes within your sheet metal manufacturing operations. We are a specialist for used TRUMPF punching and nibbling machines.

These CNC machines make the task of punching during the processing of steel, sheet metal and other metals measuring 8 mm in thickness an easy job. A variety of TRUMPF machines are available for particular applications.
Choose the TRUMPF punching machine that best suits your workspace and the demands of your application in terms of technology and punching force.

More than 300 used punching machines produced by the industrial manufacturer TRUMPF and overhauled by our company.

A few examples from our range of used TRUMPF punching/nibbling machines:

  • TruMatic 240, 240R, 260R, 120, 160, 200, 2000, 500, 5000
  • TruPunch 1000, TruPunch 2000, TruPunch 2020, TruPunch 3000, TruPunch 5000 and
  • The SheetMaster, TrumaTool and SortMaster automation solutions
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