Our used TRUMPF machines are very important to us. This is why we do our utmost to ensure each transportation operation runs as smoothly as possible. Even if a used TRUMPF machine has been overhauled perfectly, all it takes is for something to happen during transportation and all the work will have been for nothing.

This is why I-H&S only uses fully-trained packaging specialists when preparing our machines for transportation. In addition, we only work with selected, experienced hauliers and transport insurance companies when shipping your machine. This ensures that our machine reaches you in the same perfect condition as it left our facility.


Naturally, we only deliver our used machines when using original TRUMPF transport straps and holders. Machines that are being sent overseas, in particular, need special attention. Seawater, for example, can adversely affect machines during long trips. This is why we always take the proper precautions.

Good packaging includes, for example, proper preservation through adequate packaging, overseas packing with vacuum-sealed film, and special wooden crates that meet manufacturer standards. This ensures safe transportation and guarantees that your overhauled TRUMPF machine arrives undamaged.

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