When repairing a used TRUMPF machine, cleaning not only serves to decontaminate individual machine parts; it represents a key step that must be performed in order for the individual machine components to be inspected. Only once clean can a component be properly appraised to ascertain whether it should be put back into the I-H&S machine or replaced with a new part.


Cleaning involves a whole host of methods, substances and tools: from steam jets to toothbrushes. The human hand, in particular, is one of the most important instruments we use. Your used TRUMPF machine will be cleaned and dried by us by hand. Our cleaning professionals know every nook and cranny of your machine and ensure it is clean even in the most inaccessible places.

Over the years, we have also found solutions for problem areas. The operating elements are particularly prone to signs of wear and require special treatment. Recognising and rectifying this an art that has been mastered by our machine cleaners. Many of these special skills cannot be learned in a crash course: most of our cleaning experts have been working for I-H&S for more than 10 years in order to learn all that is needed.


  • Approving the cladding, dismantling down to individual parts
  • Steam jets, hot steam cleaning of the machine base and large components
  • Manual cleaning by hand with specialist tools of all components
  • Special cleaning processes for the electronics and extraction components

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