Not every machine can become an I-H&S second-hand machine. We first check whether the key data are suitable. If the machine does not pass our tests, it will not be purchased and overhauled by us. This assures our customers that they will be buying a solid piece of kit. It also provides certainty to our suppliers that the assessment we have performed is solid and that they will receive suitable compensation for providing us with a flawless machine.


Here at I-H&S, we do not simply rely on gut feelings when assessing used machines; we use a standardised checklist that corresponds to all TRUMPF specifications. Our technicians then create a precise test log on this basis. This includes data such as:

  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Performance data
  • Maintenance history
  • Machine environment

This means our technicians initially inspect the machine to check whether the tried-and-tested performance data matches up to conventionally required parameters. We are also interested in the history of the machine: Where is it from? What has it been through? What has it been used for and where? The type of use itself can provide key information on wear experienced by the machine.

We leave nothing to chance. We begin by measuring the machine frame and all axes, axis drives and axis guides. The pneumatics and hydraulics also come under scrutiny and, as for laser machines; the beam guide and laser resonator as well.
If the machine has passed all the tests, we purchase the device, and it can be transported to our workshop in Backnang for overhauling.

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