1 Mar 2021

The month of November is one of our favorite times of the year. Key reason for our favoritism would be the so-called Blechexpo, which is taking place every two years in Stuttgart’s Exhibition Centre. It’s a leading event in the world that deals with the technologies of sheet metal working on an international level. Together with the simultaneously happening Schweisstec exposition, the aim is to present the entire process chain of cold-forming sheet metal processing and the associated thermal or mechanical cutting and joining technology. As a distributer for used TRUMPF punching machinespress brakes and laser cutting systems, we, the I-H&S GmbH, like to inform about the industry’s innovations. Today, we’ll give away a quick recap on an exposition of global standard.

Blechexpo 2017 – Blechbearbeitung im internationalen Format



When taking a closer look at Blechexpo, one will notice a focus on sheet metal processing. Therefore, various sectors of the industry unite in one exhibition and consequently transform the event into not only a procurement platform, but also into an information and communication center for research and teaching. We, the I-H&S GmbH, are one of only a few used machine dealers with a trade show on site, enabling an instant view on the economic situation and new innovations in the industry. An open and invitingly designed booth is what we like to pay attention to in particular. An eye-catcher is the so-called TruBar, a laser cutting machine redesigned into a bar. In a relaxed atmosphere like this, making contacts is particularly easy for visitor and the sales team as well.

Blechexpo 2017 – Blechbearbeitung im internationalen Format


On an exhibition ground which measures 105.000 m², the concentrated process competence for sheet metal, tube and profile processing can develop its profile. The range of products and services offered by the 1,336 exhibitors from 35 countries attracted a great deal of interest from over 39,280 trade visitors from more than 116 nations and lead to very satisfied manufacturers and suppliers during and at the end of the event. It was not only the European and Asian offer that became more international, the trade fair visitors also showed an increased internationality. Last time’s 24 % of international trade visitors turned into into significant 32 % which is nearly one third of all visitors. Nearly 500 experts took part in the approximately 22 lectures, which were held within 3 days, and were therefore able to deepen their knowledge. The success of the consistently practiced product-, competence- and knowhow-presentations is confirmed by many of the domestic and foreign exhibitors, who were able to enjoy a lively influx of trade visitors and a large number of technical discussions. It all resulted in an increased demand from exhibitors which (luckily) the organizers are taking care of: next year, the total area of the exhibition center will be expanded by 15,000 m² and will therefore transform into 120,000 m².

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