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TRUMATIC 5000-1600 (S01)
3085 x 1650 mm
22 to
Siemens Sinumerik 840 D
8 mm
230 kg

Standard configuration

⦁ Stable C-frame
⦁ Coordinate guide with integrated linear magazine, 25 tool stations, automatic tool changer
⦁ 4 clamps
⦁ Automatic parts chute  500 x 500 mm
⦁ Drives: Maintenance-free, three-phase servo motors
⦁ Punching head: Hydraulic single tool adapter, 360° rotation of all tools, automatic tool length compensation, spray tool lubrication 2nd lubricant container, programmable stripper movement, counter for stroke and threads, vacuum slug removal
⦁ Programmable presser foot for repositioning, with pre-selectable presser force
⦁ Sheet collision detection
⦁ Control, Siemens Sinumerik 840D, TFT 10,4" color screen, easy to use, diagnostic functions, graphic programming ToPs 2000, integrated 3.5" disk drive, RJ45 network connection
⦁ Safety: CE marking, multi-beam light barriers, rapid hydraulic shutdown

Additional equipment

⦁ Function Multitool
⦁ Function Multishear
⦁ Function tapping
⦁ Function roller technology
⦁ Funtion marking
⦁ Repositioning cylinders
⦁ Sensor for part chute
⦁ Automatic shutdown
⦁ Chip conveyor
⦁ Brush tables with loading and unloading aid
⦁ Ethernet Switch


⦁ SheetMaster 1605 Special version
- Peeler suction cups
- Vacuum sensor
- Central lubrication
- C-Frame
- Thickness measuring device for double sheet detection
- TASC 100 controller

SheetMaster options
⦁ Peeling system 
⦁ Suction plate module
⦁ Loading and unloading parallel to production

⦁ TrumaGrip special version
- Lowerable configuration
- Scissor table 400 mm, pneumatic
- Skeletton pallet 3000 x 1500 mm

Sortmaster Box B4
⦁ Automatic work piece sorting unit
- Sorting unit with 4 bins
- Max. part size 500 x 500 mm

⦁ Automatic setup
- Additional tool magazine, holds 40 tools

ToolMaster options
⦁ Setup parallel to production

Automation options
⦁ Store interface
⦁ Second light barrier circuit

Note: Loading station and unloading platform are not included in the scope of delivery!

Would you like to learn more about this machine?

Your I-H&S Sales team

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