Laserpress TRUMPF TRUMATIC 6000L – 1600


Technical Data

item number: KM-1103
Manufacturer: TRUMPF
Type: TRUMATIC 6000L -1600
Year: 2001
Working area: 3085 x 1650 mm
Laser rated output: 3200 Watt
Control: Siemens Sinumerik 840 D
Working hour*: 54.341h / 12.015h
Punching force: 22 to
Max. Tool diameter: 76,2 mm
Max. Sheet thick.: 8 mm
Max. Material weight: 230 kg
Positioning accuracy: +/- 0,10 mm
Length: 9100 mm
Width: 7900 mm
Height: 2400 mm
Weight: 22500 kg

Standard configuration

  • Stable C-frame

  • Coordinate guide with integrated linear magazine, 17 tool stations, 3 clamps

  • Drives: Maintenance-free, three-phase servo motors

  • Programmable presser foot for repositioning

  • Sensor-monitored part chutes 500 x 500 mm for punching and laser station, ejection cylinder on the laser chute

  • 2 parts containers

  • Laser unit: CO2 laser TLF 2000, radio-frequency excited, insulated against vibrations, integrated in machine frame, incl. chiller, and laser control TASC 3

  • HI-LAS high pressure cutting

  • ContourLas for producing small holes

  • Programmable cutting gas pressure setting

  • Laser cutting head: 5″ lens, quick-change device, height regulation DIAS III

  • Additional laser cutting head with 7.5″ lens

  • Additional laser cutting head with 9″ lens for VA steel processing

  • Punching head: Hydraulic single tool adapter, 360° rotation of all tools, automatic tool length compensation, spray tool lubrication, 2nd lubricant container, vacuum slug removal, swarf bucket

  • Control: SINUMERIK 840D, TFT color screen 10.4″, easy to use, Online help, diagnostic functions, maintenance logbook, technology data, Teleservice, 3.5″ disk drive, BNC/RJ45 connection

  • Safety: Multi-beam light barriers, laser monitoring system, rapid hydraulic shutdown, extraction system and compact dust extractor, laser guard against scattered radiation at the cutting head

Additional equipment

Punching options

  • MultiTool control

  • MultiBend

  • MultiShear

  • Tapping

  • Marking

  • SoftPunch

Machine options

  • Fourth clamp

  • Clamps opening individually

  • Pneumatic repositioning cylinders

  • Anti-vibration installation

Special thin sheet processing

  • Scratch-free machining

  • Blow-out device

  • Sheet collision detection


  • Chip conveyor with tipping container


  • Preparation for FMC (SheetMaster, storage interface)

Additional information

Year of manufacturing




Working hours*

54.341h / 12.015h


22500 kg