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TruLaser 5040 fiber
4000 x 2000 x 115 mm
5000 Watt
Siemens Sinumerik 840 D SL
25 mm
20 mm
20 mm
245 m/min m/min

Standard configuration

⦁ Closed machine frame
⦁ Integrated cabinet
⦁ Motion unit for high precision processing
⦁ Torque drive in combination with direct linear drives
⦁ Automatic pallet changer lengthwise installation
⦁ Enclosed beam delivery via laser light cable
⦁ Chiller for machine cooling
⦁ Integrated electrical cabinets with inside light
⦁ Power supply for TruDisk by the machine
⦁ Wide longitudinal conveyor
⦁ Ergonomic control panel with Touchscreen
⦁ Work area lighting
⦁ Positioning laser diode
⦁ Spray device
⦁ PierceLine
⦁ FocusLine
⦁ NitroLine
⦁ PlasmaLine
⦁ Automatic nozzle cleaning

⦁ Solid-state laser TruDisk 5001 with 1 laser output incl. BrightLine fiber
⦁ Laser light cable according standard layout
⦁ Laser chiller unit (water-air)
⦁ Stimulation via pump diodes
⦁ Laser power control

Cutting unit
⦁ Universal Cutting head with complete adaptive lens system
⦁ One cutting head strategy
⦁ Protection glass to avoid lens contamination
⦁ Online protection glass monitoring
⦁ ControlLine

⦁ TruToPs Laser via network access (PC to be provided by the customer)
⦁ Easy shop floor programming
⦁ Fast post production
⦁ Control Sinumerik 840D SL
⦁ 19" Touch panel
⦁ Technology data is integrated
⦁ Automatic shutdown
⦁ Programmable cutting gas pressure
⦁ ContourLine
⦁ Microweld
⦁ FastLine
⦁ AdjustLine
⦁ FlyLine
⦁ Teleservice via Internet
⦁ Integrated e-shop

Data transmission
⦁ RJ45 network connection 
⦁ USB interface

⦁ CE label
⦁ Light barriers
⦁ Multi-chamber extraction system
⦁ Compact dust extractor
⦁ Machine enclosure with certificated window (right door)
⦁ Electrical curl up roof

Additional equipment

⦁ Compressed air cutting (includes cutting data compressed air, connection of a further cutting gas)
⦁ Nozzle changer
⦁ CoolLine
⦁ DetectLine
⦁ Machine up to 43° ambient temperature
⦁ Integrated video camera 1 for process monitoring and single picture transmission to network (delivers a video stream of the first 2.5 m of the working area)
⦁ Drop&Cut 
⦁ Smart Collision Prevention


⦁ Preparation LiftMaster Compact

Would you like to learn more about this machine?

Your I-H&S Sales team

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