Laser cutting machine TRUMPF TruLaser 5030 fiber (L68), 5000 Watt


Technical Data

item number: LM-1691
Manufacturer: TRUMPF
Type: TruLaser 5030 fiber (L68)
Year: 2015
Working area: 3000 x 1500 x 115 mm
Laser rated output: 5000 Watt
Control: Siemens Sinumerik 840 D
Working hour*: 35.005h / 14.497h
Max. Sheet thick./St: 25 mm
Max. Sheet thick./VA: 20 mm
Max. Sheet thick./AI: 20 mm
Max. Speed: 265 m/min
Positioning accuracy: 0,10 mm
Length: 8000 mm
Width: 4800 mm
Height: 2400 mm
Weight: 12000 kg (Grundmaschine)

Standard configuration


  • Closed machine frame

  • Integrated cabinet

  • Automatic pallet changer lengthwise installation

  • Torque drive in combination with direct linear drives

  • Enclosed beam delivery via fiber optic cable

  • Chiller for machine cooling (water-air)

  • Integrated eletrical cabinets with inside light

  • Power supply TruDisk via the machine

  • Longitudinal conveyor

  • Working area lighting

  • Positioning laser diode

  • Spray device

  • PierceLine

  • FocusLine

  • NitroLine

  • PlasmaLine

  • Automatic nozzle cleaning


  • Solid state laser TruDisk 5001 with 1 LLK output

  • Fiber optic cable according standard layout (laser next to the machine)

  • Laser chiller unit (water-air)

  • Stimulation via pump diodes

  • Laser power control

Cutting head

  • Universal cutting head with complete adaptive lense system

  • One cutting head strategy

  • Protection glass to avoid lense contamination

  • Protection glass monitoring

  • ControlLine: Height regulation and sheet edge detection



  • 19″ Touch panel

  • Easy shop floor programming

  • Fast reproduction

  • Technology data is integrated

  • Automatic shutdown

  • Programmable cutting gas pressure

  • ContourLine

  • Microweld

  • FastLine

  • FlyLine

  • AdjustLine

  • Teleservice via internet

Data transmission

  • RJ45 network connection

  • USB interface


  • CE Label

  • Light barriers

  • Multi-chamber extraction system

  • Compact dust extractor

  • Machine enclosure with certificated window (right door)

  • Electrical curl up roof

Additional equipment

  • Smart Nozzle Automation (incl. nozzle changer, automatic nozzle inspection and Smart Skip)

  • Copper cutting package (includes cutting data N2, O2)

  • Brass cutting package (includes cutting data N2)

  • BrightLine fiber

  • CoolLine

  • DetectLine: Precision sheet position sensing (incl. automatic focus measurement)

  • Door window on left side for better insight

  • Wide transverse conveyor belt with tilt container (container on the left side of the machine)

  • Machine status lamp (incl. MDR interface)

  • Integrated video camera (Full HD) for process monitoring single picture transmission to network

  • Drop & Cut

  • CO2 extinguishing device for compact dust extractor


  • Platform version machine without steel structure


LiftMaster Compact

  • Basic configuration incl. synchronous loader, peeling device, measuring device for thick sheets, movable unloading rake(distance between the prongs 67 mm, changeable prongs) incl. raw material unpacking station, loading station, stack height up to 90 mm / 3 t, finished parts pallet and extended pallet pull-out on the machine

  • Thin sheet separation for synchronous loader (s = 0,8 – 2,0 mm)

  • Scratch-free, accurate unloading (incl. stainless steel rakes with belt prongs, distance between prongs 67 mm; up to s = 15 mm)

Partmaster Integration TruStore incl. Partmaster

TruStore 3030

Basic module storage tower for max. 12 shelves

Max. sheet format: 3048 x 1524 mm

Max. loading height per pallet: 90 / 170 mm

Max. loading weight per pallet: 3 t

System height:5550 mm

  • Start post

  • Store safety device

  • Column covering

  • Fork lift capable floor pallet for raw material

Rack server

  • Control panel

  • Store safety device

  • Store interface

  • Switch cabinet lighting

  • Teleservice via internet

  • Lifting chain, e-chain

  • Lifting speed 12 m/min

  • Pull-out speed 30 m/min

  • Lift acceleration 0,5 m/s²

Additional information

Year of manufacturing




Working hours

35.005h / 14.497h


12000 kg (Grundmaschine)