At the end of 2016, Lothar Schad hands over leadership of I-H&S GmbH to Kewin Schad and steps down as managing director and shareholder after 29 years at I-H&S to enjoy his well-earned retirement.


I-H&S lays the foundation stone for a new building. As of December 2016, the new site in Backnang has 4,800 m2 of hall and office space that is perfectly tailored to our processes.


I-H&S acquires a stake in Severn Machines Ltd in England, which also specialises in used TRUMPF machinery; the company now assumes the I-H&S name and covers the English and Irish markets.


I-H&S celebrates its 25th anniversary, Lothar Schad appoints Kewin Schad as managing director. The destiny of I-H&S is now being steered by a father-son team.


I-H&S GmbH exceeds €12m turnover with 30 employees. It becomes the first TRUMPF used machinery trader to be DIN ISO certified. Certification as TRUMPF partner follows in 2009.


I-H&S GmbH develops magnificently and the company experiences one turnover record after another. The company enters new markets around the world, including Turkey, Korea, France, Hungary and many more. Kewin Schad becomes shareholder alongside Lothar Schad.


Thomas Wolpertinger leaves TRUMPF and joins I-H&S as Sales Manager.


Lothar Schad decides to purchase business premises covering 8,000 m2; sufficient space for further growth. Kewin Schad joins the company on 1 September aged 23.


Facility refurbishment for TRUMPF Second-Hand Machines begins. In a hall covering approx. 300 m2, a TC 180 was completely reworked and installed for demonstration purposes.


More or less by coincidence the first machine trade was transacted. During a service commitment at  company Buderus Lothar Schad gained the information, 2 TRUMPF-machines were up for sale – a TC 180W and a TC 180WD.Lothar Schad took the chance and bought both machines. The corner stone of our present business was set.